For the ultimate Joshua Tree retreat, you really only need three things – total comfort, unobstructed views of the wondrous landscape and luxurious amenities to help you relax – and that’s exactly what you get with this home.

Slide open the glass panels on bright desert mornings for a soothing early dip in the saltwater pool or a luxuriant soak in the hot tub as you reconnect with Mother Nature.

the silence


Choose from one of our four beautifully designed bedrooms, to rest in silence and solitude.

for solitude

Make rooM




With a variety of amenities, we can offer a sanctuary for relaxation or celebration depending on your needs.

le chacuel



“really special in every way, I can’t say enough. Beyond expectations."


“The house is a jewel; beautifully appointed. We would come back in a heartbeat."


“Gorgeous views. Very clean and well designed. lots of amenities and comfortable beds."